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Update Tab

The Update Tab allows you to backup, restore, and update the topics and video playlists in the Contents Tab.

Backup Contents:

You can backup the current Contents to a file. It is recommended you do so before using the Update Contents feature (see Update Errors below).

To backup the contents, press the Backup button, browse for a location and file name, and press backup. Content backups are saved with a .kdc extension.

Restore Contents:

To restore a previous Contents, press the Restore button, browse for a contents backup file, then press restore.

Note you can restore any previous Contents you have backed up, effectively returning to an earlier version of the Khan Academy.

Update Contents:

The Khan Academy web site is revised often.

You can update the Contents Tab with the latest Topics and Video playlists by pressing the Update button.

The Update comes from the Khan Server pre-ordered. Use the Order Topics and Order Sub Topics check boxes for a different order. Note that the Sub Topics Order is best left unchanged (not checked).

You may cancel the Update if you need to.

Update Errors:

The updates received from the Khan Academy contain a large amount of data. Errors can occur in the assembly, transmission, or processing of this data, resulting in the Contents Tab displaying incorrect topics and video playlists.

If you Backup the contents before updating, a simple restore will repair the Contents until corrections can be made.

If errors are the result of incorrect Khan Academy data or transmission, they may resolve by updating at a later date.

If errors are with Khan Desktop's processing of the data, an application update will be issued as soon as possible to fix them.