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Alternate Khan Desktop Video Player

Khan Desktop is now available with an alternative video player at:


Note the ad-free website and forum are generously hosted by the non-profit tuxfamily.org.

So what's the difference?

This alternative Khan Desktop version uses a built-in video player based on Microsoft's DirectShow multimedia framework and the open source LAV Filters:


DirectShow is Microsoft's native video player technology, available on all Windows computers, and Lav Filters provides the decoders needed to use it.

It displays videos somewhat better than the original VLC player, especially at small screen sizes.

It also makes for a smaller download.

Why two versions?

Ideally, this version will be the only one. However, your feedback is needed first before switching over completely.


This version has a later version number, and will install over the original Source Forge version. To go back however requires removing this version first via the Add/Remove Programs applet.

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